Supercharge Fat Loss by Making Resistance Training a Priority

Supercharge Fat Loss by Making Resistance Training a Priority by Jesica Cockerham

All fit-seeking individuals alike, perhaps, have the same goal, to become the best, leanest, healthiest version of themselves. Even though we know we want this, sometimes we become too stubbornly stuck in our normal workout routine that we are resistant to unfamiliar exercises that would amp up the rate at which we burn fat.

A perfect example is an avid runner (I can relate to this, as this was me for many years). Runners are one of the more stubborn groups of workout enthusiasts. Especially those that have been “running for years.” We love to run and it makes us feel strong and fit, so we think more and more running without supplemental exercise is sufficient in making us our fittest.

Why are we so stubborn? My suggestion: ditch the stubbornness!

If we ignore the benefits of resistance training, we are ultimately short changing ourselves, our performance, and our health. The positive effects of weight training are well documented, but some of us need a more palpable reason to do the work, like these:

Resistance Training:
Boosts metabolism – This enables you to eat larger portions without seeing it on your waistline.
-Accelerates fat loss – All of the cardio in the world can’t do what resistance training does. Targeting and challenging your body with resistance increases the demand placed on your body, forcing it to adapt, thus, burning fat.
-Women, it brings out your inner “amazon woman”- Every woman wants to feel beautiful. Part of feeling beautiful comes from being comfortable in your own skin, which comes from being confident in how your body looks and feels. Taking pride in how you keep your body will impact your own self-esteem and belief in yourself. Mind and body: it’s all connected.
Replaces “fat space” on your body with “muscle space” – The idea that lifting will cause you to gain a lot of mass and look bulky is simply unfounded. Doing resistance training will optimize your body’s ability to shed fat pounds and replace it with muscle. In other words, where there was fat, there will be leaner mass, less cellulite, less flab.
Muscle burns more calories than fat does – This relates to the reason why resistance training boosts your metabolism. The body requires more fuel to maintain muscle, as muscle demands more. Thus, you are burning more calories when you are leaner.

Some people might feel that time is their primary concern in exercising. Resistance training solves the dilemma that many feel trapped within: “I don’t have the time.” Resistance training tackles this–in that it requires very little time to burn a lot of calories.

Photo taken at Cutting Edge Fitness of Boca Raton.

Photo taken at Cutting Edge Fitness of Boca Raton.

Incorporating this type of training into your workout routine doesn’t have to require a lot of equipment. You can work any part of your body using your own body weight and without a single piece of equipment.

Of course, adding weight and added resistance ups the challenge and ups the calorie burning, which is ideal if in a time crunch.

The resistance can come from anywhere:

  • Your own body weight
  • Barbells & dumbells
  • Kettle bells
  • Bosu ball
  • Resistance bands

If you are new to resistance training, know that online literature on weight lifting is abundant. Demonstrations and exercise breakdowns are readily available from various sources.

Written by Jesica Cockerham of Run On Organic for Palm Beach Athletic Wear. Photo taken at Cutting Edge Fitness of Boca Raton. For more information about Cutting Edge Fitness you can visit their website:

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