September 8th is Grandparents Day – Never Forget How to Love

Post written by Palm Beach Athletic Wear Mentor, Denise Vetter

I would just like to honor a woman, Marian McQuade.  Most people have never heard of her.  But those that knew her felt her passion.  She was a West Virginia mother of 15, who died in 2008 leaving behind 43 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren.   Because of her dedication love and respect of the elderly, Grandparents day was created.

It took a mother’s love to create such a beautiful unselfish holiday.  It is a day where we can give back to those that have nurtured us with unconditional love.   Many of us today are fortunate to have multiple grandparents.   I say fortunate, because we can absorb much of their wisdom and strength just by spending quality time with them.

Grandparents have poignant memories that can delight and amuse us. While providing us with a fresh new insight on life.

Listen to their stories of the past. Perhaps you will get so absorbed that you will lose track of time while holding their hand and looking into their eyes.  Better yet, maybe you will retain values that have hardened and barely exist today.  It is our seniors who can tie together the past and the present. Hopefully we will carry on the traditions we have inherited and perhaps create your own.

Autumn is the season that was chosen for Grandparents day.  A time when leaves turn from rich green to vibrant red and golden yellow.  A time when maturity shows it face.

The Forget-me-not is the official flower for Grandparent's Day.

Myosotis arvensis, the Forget-me-not

Glimmering the days that were once long and now getting shorter by the moment.

September is the time to gather all the things that are dear to us.  Right before us is an abundance of love. Harvest it for we do not know what the long winter has in store for us.

Take the time to teach your children to respect and care for all seniors.  They are the tree of life and their time is so precious.

There is an official flower honored for this special day.  Cannot you guess what it is?  The Forget-Me-Not.

Celebrate this day with laughter and never forget how to love.

~Denise Vetter

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