Remembering 9/11… 12 Years Later

9/11 Memorial in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

This column of steel once held up part of the World Trade Center. It is now a permanent memorial at the Palm Beach Gardens Fire Station on Northlake Boulevard.

Today we are reminded of the sadness of 9/11.  It has been twelve years since that horrific day.  That day changed the lives of so many, it changed all our lives.  Forcing us to feel how vulnerable we truly are.

Please take a moment to say a prayer for the lives lost and for all the loved ones who had to go on without them.

Remember there is no “normal” day.  Every day is an important day.  Every day is a new beginning.

This morning, as we all drink our morning coffee or tea,  Iet us recall the ups and downs that kept and keep us going.  Life is unexpected. Minute by minute, hour by hour.

While thinking of all the trials, tribulations and enjoyable happenings we have had this summer, two words come to mind, Precious Moments.  For us here at Palm Beach Athletic Wear, we are fortunate and blessed to have such amazing friends, family and clients (that have become our friends too)! It is those Precious Moments when renewing old tales, creating new stories and meeting new people that make life worthwhile.  Use your trials and tribulations to help someone else and the blessings – well, those you can cherish and be joyful of.  Everything fits, even when it doesn’t make sense, everything has a purpose.  It is up to YOU to make the best of it all!

Take the time today, to show your appreciation of life.  Feel the freshness of a new day.  Give thanks for all of the blessings in your life and give today your best and watch it blossom into something you can be proud of.  After all, today will be an example of what you left behind for tomorrow.

From all of us at Palm Beach Athletic Wear – MAKE THIS AND EVERY DAY COUNT!!!!

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