Yoga Pose of the Week – Natarajasana

Dancers Pose, Yoga Pose of the Week

PB Athletic Wear & Yoga’s Pose of the Week is Natarajasana or Dancers Pose.

Suzanne McCarthy is our featured teacher of the week and she chose Dancers Pose for this weeks Yoga Pose of the Week!

Natarajasana or Dancers Pose.

Getting into the pose:

  1. Stand in Tadasana and focus on a spot on the wall or floor.  Begin by shifting your weight onto one leg.
  2. On the inhale, bend the knee of the opposite leg, bringing it backwards until you can grasp the ankle or foot with the same side hand.
  3. Remain with your eyes on your focal point and align both knees with the hips and exhale.
  4. On the inhale extend the arm on the side of the standing leg up from the shoulder, towards the ceiling. Allow your fingertips to reach toward the sky as if an imaginary string is pulling and lengthening and hold for a few breaths.
  5. When you are ready, simultaneously lengthen the arm and upper body up to lengthen and move forward while the opposite leg stretches back and up.
  6. Try to get your thigh parallel to the floor and the torso at an angle to the floor.
  7. Continue to breathe through this pose lengthening into the stretch on the inhalation and relax on the exhalation moving deeper into the pose with each exhalation.
  8. Slowly bring the torso back to center while releasing the bent knee as you return your arms and stance in Tadasana.
  9. Repeat on the other side.


  • Improves concentration and balance
  • Stimulates a full range of motion in the shoulders and allows the chest to expand
  • Tones and lengthens the leg and hip muscles
  • Releases tension in ankles
  • Improves balance, poise and focus
  • An excellent chest and lung opener increasing space for breath
  • Strengthens spine, leg and groin
  • Stretches shoulders & chest, thighs, groin abdomen, legs & ankles


  • If added support is needed you may try this up against the wall.  Use the wall to support the standing leg side by bringing the side of the body up against the wall.
  • If tightness and lack of flexibility is an issue you can use a strap or towel around the front of the foot to allow more distance between the hand and the foot.

Suzanne McCarthy teaches yoga at Palm Beach Athletic Wear & Yoga and is a RYT with a 200 hour Credential with National Yoga Alliance. An athletic person by nature, Suzanne has been practicing yoga for almost 10 years but became acutely aware of the benefits of yoga after rehabilitating from a running injury 3 years ago. McCarthy has been drawn to yoga for all its physical, mental and spiritual challenges and her mission is to share her journey with all whom show up to the mat as well as to help them reach their full potential. She has practiced many forms of yoga, from Ashtanga to Bikram and Vinyasa. At Palm Beach Athletic Wear and Yoga, Suzanne’s classes focusing on alignment, breath and flow.

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