Yoga Pose of the Week – Navasana

Boat Pose


Rebecca (Becca) Witherington is our featured teacher of the week and she chose Navasana (Boat Pose) for this weeks Yoga Pose of the Week!

Navasana or Boat Pose.

Getting into the pose:

  1.      Begin seated with knees bent and feet on the floor.
  2.      Hold on to the hamstrings.
  3.      Inhale puff up the chest & roll the shoulder blades down the back.
  4.      Exhale bring the belly button to the spine.
  5.    Lean back to find your balance point while keeping the chest puffed up and core engaged.
  6.     Option to release hands & arms parallel to the ground.
  7.     Option to extend the legs out straight.


  • If your back begins to take over in extended variation, then return to initial variation, adjust alignment, and re-engage core.
  • Keep chin lifted away from chest, and reach heart upwards.



  • Strengthens core, hips, thighs, and back
  • Massages internal organs
  • Builds concentration and balance
  • Improves digestion

Rebecca (Becca) Witherington teaches yoga at Palm Beach Athletic Wear & Yoga. Becca describes her classes as fitness based yoga with a vinyasa flow that combines her deep love of a challenge and lightheartedness with the practice of yoga.  She tailors practices to match her students needs and goals. They learn to listen to their bodies, challenge themselves safely, and to use their breath as a powerful tool. Becca believes that yoga is challenging, fun, and therapeutic.

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