Detox Yoga – Every Thursday at PB Athletic Wear & Yoga

Bianca Green, Yoga Teacher

Bianca Green – Detox Yoga Teacher

Come join us every Thursday from 5:15 – 6:15pm at Palm Beach Athletic Wear & Yoga for an amazing Detox Yoga Class with Bianca Green.  Bianca teaches you to use your breathe first and foremost leading you into postures that will stimulate your organs to perform more efficiently.  Breathe, twist, sweat, lengthen, and open up your body for better toxin removal and a refreshing awakening to better mind, body and breathe.

Why Detox Yoga?

Did you know that you can detoxify your body every day?  You don’t need a celebrity detox diet or dangerous detox kit, you can safely detoxify your own body with yoga.  Your own body’s systems do this everyday!  Your circulatory system pumps life blood and oxygen through your your body and organs.  Your digestive system separates the nutrients and the waste is moved out. Your lymphatic system acts as another route to bring nutrients to cells and also removes harmful bacteria and waste. 

It’s amazing when you think about how much is going on inside your body all on its own whether you are awake or asleep.  A healthy body does all of this for you and works well but our lives today can put a damper on the body.  Daily stress, pollution, and the food and drink we ingest are not always beneficial to our amazing body.  We can assist our body’s natural systems with yoga daily and never have to fall prey to dangerous fads or diets. 

Your first class is free!  Come try it out today! Sign up and reserve a space for Thursday’s Detox Yoga here.

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