Our Clients are Speaking Out…

Hear what some of our clients are saying about their experiences at Palm Beach Athletic Wear & Yoga Studio by reading the testimonials.

Here are a few recent testimonials:

“I have been practicing yoga for more than 13 years and fortunately was introduced to Michael Foreman, AntiGravity ClientAntiGravity/Aerial yoga 4 years ago. It was a life-changing experience, physically and emotionally, and all in a very positive way. Hanging upside down, doing aerial based exercises and stretching, using a hanging silk, all inside the Zen of a yoga environment is amazing. The healing, medicinal and emotional benefits of Aerial/AntiGravity has been transformative for me. The instructor is crucial to this experience —and at PBAW & Yoga
they have the BEST I’ve seen.” ~
Michael, 50+, New York—Soon to be a Jupiter Resident

“I like that everyone that works there, staff/teachers/owners, everyone is really nice and laid back. I of course love all the clothes that you guys sell but most importantly, I love that you offer different classes than most yoga studios. You still have all my favorite types of classes but some really cool ones that I have never seen anywhere else. You guys rock!” – Katie Prince


“The whole staff and owner are so very welcoming and encouraging. I have not done much yoga before, but I never feel awkward here at this studio. I have recommended this studio to friends, and a few have decided to come along with me!” ~ Sandi Harrison

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