Earth Friendly Threads

Check out these new sustainable organic cotton tees designed to “Let your SOUL Flower”. These tees will make a great gift for the eco-conscious person on your list this holiday season. These inspiring t-shirts allow you to make a statement while being mindful of our precious earth. You can feel good about wearing these tees because they are made from 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled fibers.

About the Fabric:

Organic Cotton – The Organic cotton used to make these tees is GMO-Free and grown without chemicals, growth substances or pesticides.  So not only is it sustainable but it’s not harmful to your body.

Low-Impact Dyes – The dyes used are free of heavy metals and chemicals so you won’t be absorbing dangerous chemicals through the skin.  The low-impact dyes also require less energy and water during the dying process.

Recycled Fibers – The recycled fabric is created from post-consumer recycled plastics, such as soda and water bottles, which make a surprisingly soft and eco-friendly fabric.

Available while supplies last in our Palm Beach Gardens boutique & online.


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